From the recordings To get her Together and To get her Together


Liam used to sit too close to the TV
I’d heard that that was bad for your seeing.
Charlie used to dig holes in the ground
And do twos while I was around.
Patsy used to brag but his fridge was always full
So that’s where you would find me, eating yoghurt after school.
Mark had a thing for my sister
so I made fun of him with Christopher.
Then I made friends with Rick
And rick told me lies. But his lies gave us hope.
So I never really minded.
I never really minded.

I tried to find you.

Mcgee forced me to run really fast.
Coz he was always rushing.
Due to meezys background
He was always Russian.
Leigh and Daniel were hard to separate.
But leigh and I shared a birthday so I would cling to that.
Then best friends turned into groups
But mine were always small
There was Tucker and Phil Meehan
And Conor and Phil Mcgilvray
Conor and phil Mcgilvray

I tried to find…

High school was rough and I never dressed well.
But then I sang my first love song to a girl named Melanie
Now I sing a lot because my friends told me that I could.
They started to sing along and I looked around at where I stood

And though I tried to find….
The right mind for mine… is yours

For those of you with ears you can replace all the names and suddenly the story relates.
Coz we’ve all got friends.
We’ve all got friends
We’ve all got friends
We’ve all got friends.