Directing Written Works

Since 2016 Broni has been writing, devising and directing comedy and fringe festivals shows in Australia. Below are some examples. 

Warp - 2020

Three life long friends are in a retirement home when they receive a call from TV week that forces them to relive a crazy night from their 20's. Starring Caitlyn Staples, Jayden Masciulli & Tiana Hogben

Written by Hit By a Blimp

Devised by HBAB & Broni

Directed by Broni

Blue Sheilas - 2020

Kel & Din are retired detectives. But they've just been alerted to the fact that the infamous crime duo that eluded them their entire careers are back on the scene. They suit up one last time to solve a case that once again tests their partnership and their friendship . Starring Fiannah De Rue and Reeni Inosha

Written by Fiannah De Rue and Reeni Inosha 

Devised by Fiannah De Rue, Reeni Inosha and Broni

Directed by Marie Constantine

A Very Merry Blimpmas - Hit by a blimp 2019

It's Christmas in March because last time the council let Hit by a Blimp run the community Candles By Candlelight everything went terrible... and way too sexual. They are funding their own re-do to make amends... do they succeed?  Starring Caitlyn Staples, Jayden Masciulli and Tiana Hogben

Written by Hit By a Blimp 

Devised by HBAB & Broni 

Directed by Broni

Space Force 2019

Paradise - Cool & Smart 2018

I'm Here - Hit By a Blimp 2018

Who we were - Hit By a Blimp 2017