Hey friend, I’m Broni, and here is the thing - I dislike bio’s, I don’t like reading them, I don’t like writing them, I don’t like them being how you make up your mind about me. There are far better representations of me on the inter-webs than this particular page. A list of things I've done or am about to do seems antiquated. As if telling you that I once was paid a handsome sum to perform at an after-school care program or that my music took me to a sweet hang out session with Kevin Smith is going to compel you to listen to me, book me, give me money… what have you. 

At this point, creatively, I have little interest in telling you where I've been or where I'm going. What matters is what I'm doing and who I am right now.

That being said, though… Let's get through the formalities, maybe cover what you came here to read. 

Heres the run-down. I’m a creative goofball. I wear many hats, and I’m pretty good at wearing the ones I’ve chosen… That's why I chose them. I’m a singer-songwriter, director, comedian, improviser, teacher, music & sound producer for sketch comedy/other artists/web-content.

If you need me for any of these skills I possess, I’d be thrilled to help you out/perform for you/teach you/whatever-else, you can get in touch with me through this form 

I'm currently studying at the school of life and running for class captain. 

Nice to meet you, let's be nice to each other.



Played ~1000 shows all over Australia and the world. 
7th Place in Australian Songwriters Association Song of the Year. (we celebrated with expensive whiskey despite NOT winning)
7 tours of the US (lots of beer)
Opened for the Milk Carton Kids, Bob Evans, Ella Hooper, Carl Barron, Gregory Page, Bushwalla, Nicholas Roy, Colin Moore, Faye Blais, Rob Deez, Kenny Eng, Josh Damigo and many more wonderful artists who knock my socks off. (blush)
Co-wrote a song “You are my friend” with the very impressive Billy Galewood (he's a wonderful fella)
I make a great toasted sandwich and nail nachos (yum, come over for dins)
Sold out 3 record release shows in Melbourne - 2 at the iconic Manchester Lane and one at the Wesley Anne. (wowee what a champola)
Once simultaneously had 3 songs in the top 10 of Triple J unearthed (Whoa right? fancy!!!)
Played Falls Festival (it was really hot)
Radio play in California, Holland, Australia etc.


Performed over 700 shows in Australia and the US

Sold out shows in Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Nominated best comedy in Perth Fringe World

Director of Hit By a Blimp's "Best Comedy" nominated show "I'm Here" in Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017 and Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018

Director of Paradise! by Cool & Smart in Melbourne Fringe Festival 2018

Director of Hit By a Blimp's Who We Were in Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017

Director of Space Force in Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019
Improvisation instructor specialising in joy, whimsy, listening, character and confidence.


Education Director and Performer at The Improv Conspiracy

Studied improvisation with The Improv Conspiracy, Melbourne and The Hideout Theatre, Austin. David Razowsky, Patti Stiles, Will Hines, Beth Appel and many more incredible minds.
Studied writing with Second City, Chicago.
Studied Acting with Scott Williams (UK's Leading Meisner Teacher)
Bachelor of Arts (Drama) & Bachelor of Education 
Certified Apple Helpdesk Support Officer
Certified Apple Server Technician 
Will talk to you about basketball whether you want that or not.


"the Northcote Social Club was treated to an intimate and comical night of acoustic non-sequiturs and heartfelt whimsy... Melbourne-based folk singer-songwriter Broni owned the stage with bare feet and charmed us with simple acoustic guitar-driven ditties and cute sing-alongs." - Felicity Powell ToneDeaf.com.au

"Broni had the crowd singing along to a song they didn't even know, it was lots of fun"  - Rave Magazine

"Broni has a unique ability to make audiences laugh right before he makes them cry, which is pretty cool in perhaps a cruel and unusual way. Make sure you don't miss out." - Time off magazine

"Elegant melodies and pleasant, memorable hooks." - Gregory Page

"I want to cry. This song is so pretty. Broni's voice is so beautiful and moving." - Million Watts of Sound

"Broni's set was really good, his solo material impresses me each time I hear it. The thing I like about Broni's live show is that it's always entertaining. He has this way of being able to make anything fun - even those who might not dig his music would still get something from it. So for that Broni, I salute you." - Mitchell Scott (SEN producer, Musician)

"Broni is a beautiful songwriter – an open book, deeply honest with a big heart. So refreshing." - Sean Carey (producer, and ex Thirsty Merc)

"I enjoyed working with Broni on his"To get her Together".  What first attracted me to the project was his honest, heartfelt, quirky folk songs... songs that take you on journey and help you forget about the parking ticket you just found on the wind screen." - Matt O'Connor (the A&R Department)  
"He's always well groomed, and pretty good looking" - Gerard Pidoto (the Statics

"I'm really a fan of Broni. If i was making a feature film, I would use a bunch of his work" - Ollie (the Directors Cut Radio)


"Broni Lisle’s performance as a magician facing discrimination from his community was hilarious" - Squirrel

"Broni has a great voice and is a talented musician. The audience laughed consistently throughout and sounded like they were having a great time. there is something completely endearing about Broni" - TheatrePress

"…a delightful exploration of character. Broni has created a likeable, amusing cast with enough variety to keep you laughing. Broni displays his character acting chops, playing six very distinct performers, as well as the evening’s host" - Squirrel Comedy

"Broni is without doubt one of the more talented, witty and endearing performers" - crikey


"Broni brings many invaluable qualities to his coaching. He’s calm, supportive and efficient, and effortlessly creates a safe environment. He has a lot of knowledge about improvisation, but what’s infectious is his passion for the artform. He is invested in his students’ progress, a clear communicator, emotionally connected, and always brings the fun. He is also a kickarse player. 

I really get the sense from Broni that he loves teaching; he certainly has the capacity to bring out the best in even the most nervous student. Safe hands, ability to a high level, and he is also open and curious about improvisation for himself. I unreservedly recommend working with Broni."    - Fiona Scott-Norman (Comedian, Arts writer)

"In 8 weeks Broni managed to teach me more about myself than I thought possible, find things in me that I didn't know existed and gave me confidence to take chances even when I was terrified" - Tiana Hogen (Actor, Comedian)


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